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Optimize your workout

Optimize your workout

Feb 2016

DO YOU REALLY MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME AT THE GYM? – Or do you drift from set to set with no real plan or level of intensity?


Perhaps you are the type of person who spends 1-2 hrs in the gym, completing a round of cardio exercises including the treadmill, bike and cross-trainer. Hit the odd weight exercise followed by a round of core work and stretching. Now, whilst this is certainly more beneficial than 2 hrs spent watching TV. We can tell you – YOU could get even better results with just 30-45 minutes in the gym 3-4 ti mes a week!

The key we want to emphasize here is having a set plan.
– Don’t be that person who wanders from station to station aimlessly.
Establish your work­ out before you enter the gym. – Make sure that your plan reflects your goals. – Make sure your workout is intense.
– Isolate the muscles by fully engaging the muscle with slow full reps.

Make sure that you create a specific workout for YOU. Hit the exercises that you enjoy and hit them hard. So many people leave the gym exactly as they arrived.
If you aren’t sweating, if you aren’t short of breath, you simply aren’t working hard enough …
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